Journal of Law and the Public Interest publishes article by ARC's Peter Adler

We are pleased to announce that an article by ARC’s Legal Advisor, Peter W. Adler, “Is Circumcision Legal?”, has been published in the Spring 2013 issue of  the Journal of Law and the Public Interest at the University of Richmond.  One chapter of the issue is devoted to children and the law.

In his article, Peter Adler shows that in the 21st century, the material facts about circumcision are known and the law is clear. Circumcision is dangerous, harms all boys and men, benefits few, if any, and any benefits can be achieved more easily and effectively without it. Boys, like girls and adults, have an absolute right to genital integrity under the common law, constitutional law, criminal law, tort law, and human rights law. Physicians cannot ethically or lawfully operate on healthy children, and parents' religious or other beliefs are of no account. In fact, physicians and parents have a duty to protect their children from non-therapeutic genital cutting. Circumcision is illegal: let us count the ways.