Attorneys for the Rights of the Child Newsletter

We are proud to announce that, with the assistance of our excellent webmaster Jonathan Friedman, we have published at the 27th issue of our newsletter (volume 9, number 3).
This issue is packed with fascinating contributions: 1) In an exclusive preview of what should prove a landmark contribution, Oxford ethicist Brian Earp contributes his recent presentation at the Helsinki symposium on ethics, religion, and male circumcision, “Of Faith and Circumcision: Can the Religious Beliefs of Parents Justify the Nonconsensual Cutting of their Children’s Genitals?”; 2) Exclusive to the ARC Newsletter, ARC Legal Advisor Peter Adler contributes his thoughts regarding the American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy statement and technical report on male circumcision; 3) Exclusive to the ARC Newsletter, a firsthand photoreport by ARC Newsletter Editor Jonathan Friedman on the recent protest in Berlin regarding the new law; 4) Exclusive to the ARC Newsletter, Martin N. translates a short yet vivid first-hand account of a circumcision at age ten by an anonymous Turkish author; 5) A story and photo montage from the groundbreaking September-October 2012 Helsinki Symposium at which I presented my paper, “Protecting all from genital cutting - law, human rights and medicalization,”; 6) Exclusive to the ARC Newsletter, a photoreport by webmaster Jonathan Friedman on a meeting held at the New York German consulate regarding genital integrity with a top consular official; 7) Photoreports on the New Orleans Convention of the AAP by three different authors—veteran contributors Carl Augustsson and Aubrey Terron (formerly Aubrey Taylor) and ARC board member Marc Angelucci; 8) A photoreport on tabling regarding intactivism at Atlanta Pride; 9) Photographs of the Castro and Folsom Street Fairs; 10) Reprints of several outstanding blogs; and 11) News reports.
Steven Svoboda
Executive Director
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child


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